The Case(s) for Cryptocurrency in 2019

Reza Jafery
9 min readMay 28, 2019

The Most Bullish Crypto Article You’ll Ever Read

As bulls begin to crawl out of their caves and Crypto Twitter becomes more positive in tone, so does the news surrounding the market. Despite a slur of good news over the past 12 months or so, Bitcoin and the total market cap of cryptocurrencies were on the decline (up until the recent surge in price).

Sure, there was a lot of hopium going around during the bear market, but it seemed like no matter how positive a piece of news, the price of major coins stayed somewhat stagnant. It wasn’t just that the market wasn’t moving up, it lacked the volatility it was known for.

I don’t claim to know what sparked this market reversal, or if I’m being honest, if this is even a true reversal. What I do know is, there’s been more good news for crypto markets over the past few months than I’ve ever seen. As a perma-bull and habitual drinker of the Blockchain Kool-Aid, I’ve never been more excited about what’s to come.

It seems like so much good news has been coming out lately that I was losing track of it, and I figured others might be having similar issues, so I thought I’d lay out as much good news as possible within this article, and go into why they might be positive market catalysts.

Long story short, if there’s anyone who doesn’t understand why you’re so excited about crypto right now, send them this article and maybe they’ll get why all of a sudden you’re the biggest crypto advocate since Satoshi himself (the real Satoshi, not the one who’s suing everybody).

This stock image is weird, but I couldn’t resist using it because the majority of crypto-readers are male and men are more likely to click on thumbnails with women on them.

My Stance

I believe cryptocurrency as a whole isn’t going away. I see it as the future of value exchange. The past two years have been a brutal bear market for all who’ve stayed faithful to the blockchain gods. However, with new institutional players such as Fidelity, BAKKT, JP Morgan, and more entering the space: somethings brewing in the air.

Even though the next few months might show a small downturn in the overall market cap of crypto (possibly when taxes are due and people have to pay off their capital gains), I’ll still be accumulating major market cap coins such as Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH) on a Dollar-Cost Averaging basis over the next…

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