Early-stage crypto games that I can’t stop playing

Photo by Cláudio Luiz Castro on Unsplash

Why decentralized video games are the future

Banking the unbanked
Licensed Image: Banking the Unbanked

Photo by Elena Koycheva on Unsplash

Does our need to make everything we do “productive” hurt us in the long run?

How centralization hurts creatives, and what we can do about it

The biggest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world we saw last month

Why Ethereum isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon

Photo by Craig Sybert on Unsplash

Efforts to regulate A.I. might be leading us towards a ‘Sci-Fi movie ending’ we’re all too familiar with.

The process of advancing knowledge in academia is broken.

Photo by Mikhail Rakityanskiy on Unsplash

Using the 5 W’s to master content, sales funnels, copywriting, advertising, and more.

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Reza Jafery

Bespoke Design Labs / Blockchain Lead @ Akoin / Obsessed with decentralized economies and blockchain as a whole: reza@bdl.media

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